Who are we?
We are Residents of D'Anjung Teluk Pulai, just like you.

Who we are?
We are your neighbours and residents of D'Anjung Teluk Pulai.
We are people who care, furthermore concern about the welfare of our neighbourhood and the people residing here.
The Residents Association is actually run entirely by volunteers. These volunteers are simply residents of D’Anjung Teluk Pulai and are, well, like yourself, live in D’Anjung Teluk Pulai, have a day job, go through daily traffic jams, have additional job in the evenings - as drivers to their kids, look forward to the weekends and public holidays, but somehow try their best to squeeze sometime for the Residents Association activities, which are mainly for you. All the Committee members (except for the full-time Secretary and Collectors) receive no allowances, whatsoever. They however do spend their own money for the Association at times, which we all should be grateful. When they are unable to donate funds, they still donate, by sacrificing valuable family time.

Why do we require a Residents Association?

We share the same common areas, roads, parks and recreational facilities. With these shared facilities we also share the same interest and responsibility of taking care of them by coming together and forming a Residents Association, to make sure our interests are protected.

While problems arise, opportunities to create a closer and caring neighbourhood also arises. It is up to us, the residents of D’Anjung Teluk Pulai to create a friendlier and pleasant neighbourhood.

We do call D’Anjung Teluk Pulai our HOME, right?

What are the advantages of a Resident Association?
  1. We work together to fight neighbourhood crimes such as snatch thieves, motor vehicle thieves, burglaries and break-ins. We don’t physically fight, but we prevent them from happening.
  2. We share one common interest of preventing crime. We get together our hard-earned income to hire and pay for security services, because most of us are too busy for “Rukun Tertangga”. Although, some residents who are non-contributors might take advantage.
  3. We have an advantage in working closely with the developer and authorities, to look after our neighbourhood interests.
  4. The Association act as a watchdog for our neighbourhood community.
  5. We have a cohesive voice in the interest of the community of D’Anjung Teluk Pulai.
  6. We establish a contact point to serve as a communication centre among the neighbours.
  7. We share resources and ideas to maintain or improve the community, cleanliness and security.
  8. We increase the value of the property by developing a safe and friendly neighbourhood.
  9. We volunteer for a good cause towards an enjoyable life in the community.

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